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Emmrod Angler News

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  • D.C.M. Spin Reel by Emmrod
    $45.00 D.C.M. Spin Reel by Emmrod
    D.C.M. is Emmrod fishing Gear's reel company.  This is an excellent open faced spin reel with three ball bearings and rugged construction.  Does not come pre wrapped with line.  You will not be disappointed...

  • Zebco 202 Spincast reel
    $9.95 Zebco 202 Spincast reel
    The Zebco 202 is the reel most kids grew up using.  It is a great entry level spincast reel that will get you out fishing and won't break the bank. 

  • Zebco 33 BLack
    $29.95 Zebco 33 BLack
    THe Zebco 33....need we say more.  The 33 is the standard for all spincast reels.  With a double paddle and Cajun line, this is an excellent choice for your reel needs.

  • Zebco Adventure 30
    $11.99 Zebco Adventure 30
    THe Zebco Adventure 30 is a great entry level spin reel.  Comes with Cajun line and is ready to go out of the box.

  • Zebco Vault spincast reel
    $16.89 Zebco Vault spincast reel
    The Zebco Vault is all new!  It is an excellent mid range spincast reel by a company that cares about their products as much as we do here at Emmrod.